About Medical Tracking Solutions

Managing inventory is incredibly important to companies in many industries, but maybe more so in the medical device industry where a single product can cost thousands and surgical loaner kits cost tens of thousands.  Effectively tracking, managing, and leveraging field inventory enables medical device manufacturers and hospitals to realize increased sales revenue, reduce capital investments in inventory, and lower operating expenses. 

Medical Tracking Solutions, Inc. (MTS) was established by an experienced team of industry professionals with expertise in the areas of medical device sales, distribution, logistics, loaner kit processing, and software development.  Today, manufacturers and hospitals independently use the MTS proprietary software, iTraycer, or they take advantage of our complete service where MTS partners with logistics providers to offer a turnkey solution for case scheduling and medical device field inventory management. 

Here’s how it works.  Medical device inventory is inspected, stocked, and distributed through localized warehousing and fulfillment centers.  Then the product is professionally delivered deep inside hospitals, right to the operating room.  iTraycer enables case scheduling and advanced medical device tracking, ordering, and replenishment through a robust combination of a mobile app and web-based platform.  As a complete service, the MTS medical device field inventory management solution delivers end-to-end reliability, 100% visibility across the enterprise, and seamless customer care for manufacturers, hospitals, and sales reps. 

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