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The medical device industry is unique in that product must be consigned to hospital and sales reps before being sold during surgery. This causes a major medical device tracking challenge to manufacturers, who have millions of dollars of inventory scattered throughout the country and out of their operational control.

Prior to Medical Tracking Solutions, these manufacturers relied on ERP systems or home-grown solutions to attempt to track this detailed and highly mobile inventory. The systems were never designed to perform these types of inventory transactions and lacked the mobile applications necessary to provide a complete solution. The result was large annual inventory write offs, inefficient inventory management, large portions of sale reps' time devoted to medical device tracking and accounting for inventory, and an overall lack of visibility of product placement and usage.

What we do

Medical Tracking Solutions’ iTraycer product is a comprehensive inventory management system that provides real-time medical device tracking, as well as biologics tracking – giving visibility to part, lot, and serial numbers - from manufacturer to patient.  Developed by experienced medical device industry professionals, iTraycer combines functionality and sophistication to provide intuitive solutions instead of work-arounds.  The system's multi-functional software facilitates communication and collaboration across the enterprise and enables companies to make critical, fact-based decisions with real-time information.  And, iTraycer ensures compliance by addressing the medical device tracking  requirements of Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulations.  

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Medical Tracking Solutions, developers of iTraycer, from time to time sends Did You Know emails to briefly offer interesting stats, ideas, and points of interest related to the medical device world.