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DYK: Med Device Companies are “Data Driven” but Not Data Savvy

A survey conducted by Reltio to research the priorities and use of data across life sciences, including medical devices, paints a murky picture.  Results show that 55% of life sciences organizations describe themselves as "very data-driven," meaning they use current and historical information about customers, organizations, products, places, and internal teams to generate relevant insights and recommend proactive actions.  A majority of respondents (74%) worry their data is incomplete or missing, while 50% say the insights are not actionable.  More than a quarter (28%) say they still have siloed data (incompatible or not integrated with other data systems), even with millions invested in solutions designed to solve the problem.*

*  Chen, Ramon. "The Medical Device Industry's Big (And Better) Data Opportunity." MedDevice Online.  September 11, 2015.  Web. October 2016.