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DYK: Med Device Salaries/What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Recent federal data shows middle-wage worker earnings have stayed stagnant since early 2017.  Unfortunately, the wages of medical device and technology professionals have languished even longer.  According to Medical Product Outsourcing’s latest salary survey results, annual pay raises were on the decline for the last decade.  “The number of workers deprived of a stipend bump in the past 12 months more than doubled since 2008, going from 18.8% that year to 41.1% in 2018.”  And, things aren’t looking up.  Over 40% of survey respondents expect their salaries to stall again this year as compared to just over 36% in 2017.  There are some professionals with positive expectations, though, as a growing number of survey respondents are expecting raises.*  Doesn’t hurt to keep dreaming.

* Michael Barbella. "Compensation Complacency? The MedTech Industry Annual Salary Survey." Medical Product Outsourcing. October 16, 2018. Web. October 2018. Click here to read the full article.