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DYK: Med Device Sales Reps Make the Most in Kansas

The average medical device sales salary is $154,130.  Those who sell medical devices earn nearly $7,000 more than just any old medical sales rep.  Top earners sell endo-surgery devices ($191,750), and those who sell ortho devices for knees and joint make the least ($146,611).  Women still earn only 80 percent of what men make ($166, 360 for men as compared to $132,290 for women).  Those who travel at least half the time make significantly more than those who don’t travel ($191,240 vs. $123,055).  And, finally, the place where sales reps make the most money is Kansas ($295,500) followed by North Dakota ($245,500), Louisiana ($208,833), New Jersey ($199,500), and Colorado ($185,500).  Medical device sales in Kansas is looking better and better.*

* "2017 Medical Device Sales Salary Report." Web. May 1, 2018. Please click here for the full article.