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DYK: New Survey, Same Thinking

New survey of medical device companies reflects same old industry decision making. (Seems the C-suite still doesn't want to deal with the $5 billion wasted annually in medical device inventory.)  Here are what med device leaders continue to see as major concerns: 

  • Regulatory Issues - 70% of 500+ senior managers cited changing regulatory environments as top issue.
  • Product Development - 57% of managers at mid-sized firms (50-250 employees) listed product development as second largest challenge, and half of larger firms (250+ employees) also cited product development as second only to regulatory issues.
  • Competition/Pricing - 50% of managers of large companies (1,000+ employees) indicated increased competition as a key challenge.  46% also cited pricing pressures as major concern.  Among smallest respondents, 15% were concerned about competition and 28% worried about pricing.

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* Stewart Eisenhart.  "Emergo Survey: Regulatory Issues Remain Biggest Challenge for Most Medical Device Companies." Emergo Group.  February 12, 2017.  Web.  March 22, 2017. (Click here to access article.)