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MTS Blog: Top Ten Reasons Companies Don’t Implement FSL

Disruptive.  Expensive.  Painful.  These are words we hear medical device manufacturers use when they think about changing the way they manage inventory.  It’s not a surprise.  Change engenders polar opposite reactions.  Some people embrace change, and others resist for as long as possible.  Medical device manufacturers land in the second camp.  They rely on antiquated systems for a wide range of ridiculous reasons.  In fact, when it comes to employing a Forward Stocking Location (FSL) model to effectively manage inventory across an enterprise, manufacturers back up with hands in the air. 

Come with us as we explore the minds of manufacturers.  Check out the top ten reasons they are moving towards FSL at a glacial pace.     

10 - Hospitals prefer loading shelves with inventory and would hate to use that space for money-making endeavors.

9 - Inventory problem?  What problem?

8 - Management is not interested in spending thousands to set up a FSL, even if the company will gain millions in cost savings and additional sales.

7 - Medical device sales representatives enjoy managing inventory, and they’re so great at it.

6 - If something new is hard, it’s not worth doing.

5 - Everyone has given up on innovation.  The medical device inventory management system instituted in 1999 is just fine.

4 -Yes, we have millions in inventory spread across the country with little control, but that’s the way it’s done.

3 - Companies want sales reps to work harder, not smarter.

2 - Reps hate having a better work/life balance and more time with their families.

1 - Medical device manufacturers hate saving money.

Maybe medical device manufacturers just don’t know enough about FSL.  Here’s how it works. Medical device inventory is inspected, stocked, and distributed through localized warehousing and fulfillment centers.  Then the product is professionally delivered deep inside hospitals, right to the operating room.  iTraycer, the Medical Tracking Solutions proprietary software, enables case scheduling and advanced medical device tracking, ordering, and replenishment through a robust combination of a mobile app and web-based platform.  As a complete service, the MTS medical device field inventory management solution delivers end-to-end reliability, 100% visibility across the enterprise, and seamless customer care for manufacturers, hospitals, and sales reps.

See?  Not that scary at all.