MTS Delivers Big Benefits to Management

CEOs care about profitability, efficacy of sales, and efficient use of inventory.  Medical Tracking Solutions offers two valuable solutions.  iTraycer, our proprietary software, enables case scheduling and advanced medical device inventory tracking, ordering, and replenishment through a robust combination of a mobile app and web-based platform.  We also partner with experienced logistics providers to inspect, stock, and distribute through localized warehousing and fulfillment centers and deliver deep inside hospitals.  Our complete service increases sales revenue, lowers costs, improves quality, and streamlines operations.

  • Increase sales hours by at least seven to ten hours per week. -  Sales reps waste countless hours driving around finding inventory, calling other reps to track down trays and kits, and locating and filling out forms. iTraycer, a mobile medical device inventory and case management system provides product visibility across the enterprise, enables ordering and replenishment, and streamlines billing.  As sales reps decrease the number of wasted hours, they have more time to build their client base and actually sell. 
  • Reduce inventory by 25-50% while maintaining 100% visibility. - By many accounts, medical device companies are carrying 25-50 percent more inventory than they need in order to successfully serve customers.  By cutting out excess inventory and enhancing turn rates, mid-sized companies could decrease inventory spend by millions of dollars annually; in the largest companies the figure is billions of dollars.  A comprehensive medical inventory management software tool provides the visibility and tracking needed to help CEOs make critical, fact-based decisions with real-time information. 
  • Boost the bottom line by 2-4%. - Increased profitability comes from improved sales efficiency, advanced inventory control, amplified operational effectiveness, and enhanced financial accountability.