iTraycer was designed to add value to Orthopedics


Orthopedic manufacturers develop and produce products that involve complex groupings of instruments, the sterile packaging of implants, and an intricate web of loaner kit processing and sales representatives managing medical inventory in the field. iTraycer, developed with orthopedics in mind, provides a powerful combination of a mobile application, web suite, and receiver manager to deliver a solution that can be used across the entire enterprise for orthopedic inventory control. 

  • Ability for sales reps to scan barcodes/RFID tags to enable easier processing and usage
  • Mobile app facilitates scheduling of surgeries and capturing of usage during surgery
  • Capacity to use barcodes/RFID tags to track sterile lots for loaner kit processing or consignment kit building/auditing
  • Easy-to-use custom kit building and BOM creative functionality
  • Expiration date tracking and alerts with product location identification functions