The sales representatives of medical device distributors, as a general rule, spend as much as seven to ten hours per week chasing inventory and paperwork.  iTraycer is a simple but robust system that provides real-time tracking of medical devices and biologics across the enterprise and replaces antiquated paper procedures with app-driven, electronic processes.  The results are greater productivity, enhanced efficiency, significant product visibility, and increased accuracy.

Some of the issues distributors face:

  • Lack of product visibility, keeps sales reps hunting for kits and components scattered throughout the field.
  • Paperwork is staggering, including keeping track of forms, gathering necessary signatures, submitting forms, and recording sales.
  • Communication with other sales reps and with the distributor is cumbersome.
  • Without a reliable method for tracking sales, some commissions are forfeited.    

Benefits of iTraycer include:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity through software with a user interface designed to meet specific needs
  • 24/7 real-time visibility of loaner and field inventory at a rep location level of detail
  • Mobile convenience in the field synched with comprehensive back-office reporting
  • Increased accuracy and accountability across the enterprise
  • Elimination of costly order and billing errors and resulting payment delays
  • Increased speed of replenishment
  • Automatic quality control for expiring products and overused instruments
  • Reduced case delays or lost business
  • Accurate projection of revenue streams
  • Elimination of costly inventory loss
  • Electronic usage processing notification (scrub sheet)

Features of iTraycer include:

  • Available as an iPhone or Android application that can also be used with iPad or iTouch
  • Full suite of back-office reporting tools
  • Interface is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use
  • Tracks medical instruments regardless of storage, including sterilization environments
  • Tray, device, and/or biologics-level management
  • Input part and lot numbers automatically with gold-standard EDI or manually with companion barcode/RFID reader
  • Retrieve and search part and lot numbers
  • Automatic device expiration alerts
  • Electronic case scheduler
  • Loaner Manager
  • Automatic requisition generation
  • Revenue tracker
  • Shipment tracking
  • Powered by Peak 10 SAS 70 Type II certified technology
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