What We Do for Hospitals

Space at hospitals is severely limited.  At most hospitals, too much space is dedicated to the storage of medical device inventory.  All this wasted space equals wasted opportunities for generating revenue.  In concert with our third-party logistics providers, Medical Tracking Solutions offers an end-to-end solution to our hospital customers that helps them recapture valuable space, take advantage of opportunities, and streamline processes – all without compromising quality of care.

Our service removes medical device inventory from hospitals and stores the inventory in local warehouses managed by 3PL experts.  iTraycer, the proprietary MTS software, serves as critical technological link between the manufacturer, hospital, and sales rep.  The hospital representative initiates case scheduling, the sales rep is notified of the surgery, the 3PL partner delivers medical device products on time and directly into the hospital operating room, and the manufacturer receives inventory usage information and bills the hospital. 

The benefits to the hospital are significant.

  • Demand signal comes earlier in the process so inventory is always available and on time.
  • Hospitals regain inventory storage space that can be used to generate revenue.
  • Comprehensive data capture enables hospitals to use less inventory which results in reduced costs.
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