Today’s highly dynamic healthcare environment has forced hospitals to juggle difficult spaces, disparate IT systems, and ongoing payer reimbursement challenges. Large-scale consolidation has enhanced efficiencies between community, teaching, and specialty hospitals, resulting in better patient triage and resource management. But, it’s not enough.

All hospitals, but particularly specialty hospitals and those in urban, land-locked locations, are constantly innovating to maximize every square inch of space, and identify ways to better integrate complex IT systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Wasted space reduces patient care and adds to lost revenue. Consigned inventory typically occupies a considerable amount of space, but it doesn’t generate revenue, count as an asset, or create an opportunity to provide care for more patients. Similarly, in and around the operating room (OR), incompatible IT systems result in manual entry in multiple systems.

iTraycer is an inventory management system that connects usage in the OR to EHRs, ERPs, and manufacturers, while providing a clear view of owned and consigned inventory consumption. This visibility enables hospitals to make fact-based decisions regarding what inventories are necessary in order to maintain optimal resource levels.

Some of the issues medical centers face:

  • Limited visibility of consigned inventory volumes, configurations, and turns.
  • Reduced efficiency and increased errors through manual recording of product consumption in surgery and in re-entry into EHR and ERP/financial management system.
  • Abysmal turn rates, averaging less than one time per year.
  • Wasted space in and around OR due to large inventory footprint.
  • Sub-optimal processes relied upon to ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time for each surgery.
  • Increasingly onerous regulatory compliance mandates on inventory traceability, including Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements.

Benefits of iTraycer include:

  • 24/7 real-time visibility of hospital owned and consigned inventory.
  • Enhanced efficacy and productivity through software with a user interface designed to meet specific needs and allow hospitals to maximize efficient use of healthcare resources.
  • Convenient, mobile field technology is synched with comprehensive back-office reporting.
  • Heightened speed of replenishment.
  • Leveled inventory through greater inventory analytic capabilities.
  • Unprecedented purchasing transparency, eliminating costly pricing issues and invoice errors.
  • Fully integrated system: electronic usage processing notification (scrub sheet) connects seamlessly with EHR and ERP. 
  • Improved coordination of surgery scheduling with surgeon preference cards and equipment availability to ensure optimal clinical processes and effectiveness.
  • Reduced case delays and/or cancelled surgeries.
  • Automated quality control that alert to expiring products and overused instruments potentially compromising patient safety.
  • Advanced capability in locating and identifying products associated with manufacturer field actions.
  • Positioned for proactive compliance with FDA regulations mandating tracking processes (Medical Device Safety Act)

Features of iTraycer include:

  • Available as an iPhone or Android application that can also be used with iPad or iTouch
  • Full suite of back-office reporting tools
  • Interface is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use
  • Tracks medical instruments regardless of storage, including sterilization environments
  • Tray, device, and/or biologics-level management
  • Input part and lot numbers automatically with gold-standard EDI or manually with companion barcode/RFID reader
  • Retrieve and search part and lot numbers
  • Automatic FDA alerts when integrated with manufacturers
  • Automatic device expiration alerts
  • Electronic case scheduler
  • Electronic link between manufacturer usage, pricing and purchase order
  • Spending tracker
  • Powered by Peak 10 SAS 70 Type II certified technology
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